Max Weylandt.

Hello! I am in the fourth year of my political science PhD at Northwestern.

I'm trying to learn more about what people think democracy means, and how they think about various institutions that make up democracy. Before coming to Northwestern, I worked for the Institute for Public Policy Research in Namibia — my work for them is here.


"The 2014 National Assembly and presidential elections in Namibia." Electoral Studies 38 (2015): 126-130. (link) (pdf)

Erratum: There's a somewhat consequential typo here. I write
The constitutional amendments increased competitive seats in the National Assembly from 72 to 96, while presidential appointments to the NA doubled from four to eight.

Actually , presidential appointments went from 6 to 8. See the annotated Constitution Amendment Act (2014) as provided by the Legal Assistance Centre here, under Article 43.

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