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All images in this post are from the article linked below. These players were identified as ‘Tambo’ (Ocean Spurs) and Justice Basson (Rickets). I wonder whether/how much they were paid.

(This is a post from the Sunday Scholarship series, where I summarise academic articles into something a bit more easy to read. Overview here, other posts here.)

Title: Visualizing African football in apartheid Namibia: photography, posters and constructions of consumers and nationalism.

Author: Giorgio Miescher, Dag Henrichsen

One-sentence summary: Posters and photographs of football can reflect changes in Namibian society. First, ads reflected a “separate but equal” ideology; around independence they promoted multiracial images to sell their products to a new and growing black business class. I really recommend reading the full article here, if you can get your hands on it.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I thought I should compile some longer readings that take a bit more time, but are also worth it. The first set of articles deals with physical violence: we have the Rolling Stone profile of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the “Boston Bomber.” Then there’s a compelling and fascinating article about the Jurors and lawyers in the Emmett Till case, and what they had to say about it fifty years later. Finally, Ross Gay delivers a powerful and poignant narrative of being a black man in the U.S. Continue reading