I don’t get why biographies are usually in the third person.

I’m Maximilian Weylandt. Currently, I’m work at the Institute for Public Policy Research in Namibia, where I’m the lead researcher on the Democracy Report project. Basically, I’m tasked with analysing what is happening in and around Parliament.

Before joining the IPPR I spent a decent amount of time in academia, which yielded a piece of writing or two. The page I just linked to will also collect the stories I’ve done for Insight Namibia, the current affairs magazine where I’m a regular contributor, as well as any freelance work I do.

This blog isn’t really for writing or commentary; it’s intended to be a repository of interesting articles/thoughts I find around. But once in the while I won’t be able to hold back. In general,  I’m trying to focus on asking the right questions rather than giving answers. Things I say here will be wrong most of the time, seeing as I’m still very ignorant about the things I’m interested in. But learning is fun, and making mistakes is instructive, so as long as the only thing harmed is my pride I’m all right with this process.