1. “Why Obama blundered by speaking out on LGBTQ rights in Kenya”. Politics is complicated, and saying the right thing can be counterproductive to the goals you want to achieve. The speech didn’t help LGBT rights, it likely made things worse.
  2. Evil But Stupid”. On Seymour Hersh, the War on Terror and journalism. Why did journalists turn on him when he accused the US government of lying?

    given the zeal for secrecy that characterizes Obama’s presidency (to say nothing of its enthusiasm for extrajudicial assassinations), the question becomes: Why isn’t the media more paranoid? What may be irking journalists about Hersh is the way he harks back to an era of heroically paranoid journalismthe kind that once brought down governmentsthat they no longer feel themselves to be living in. It was, after all, the mainstream media that decided to run the Pentagon Papers, and it was the Washington Postthat broke the Watergate story. It was also the press that uncovered the high-level conspiracy to fund the contras in Nicaragua by selling arms to Iran.

  3. “Canon of Taste.”  We put a great deal of effort into preserving and appreciating past masterworks of literature, painting, and music. We should do the same for food.
  4. “Searching for Sugar Daddy.”  A — disturbing, for me — look at the subculture of daddies and babies in the US.