Mr. Silver.

The New York Times reports:

Federal authorities are expected to arrest Sheldon Silver, the powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly, on corruption charges on Thursday…. Mr Silver has long been the most powerful Democrat in New York’s legislature.

What did Mr. Silver do, you ask?

payments that Mr. Silver received from a small law firm that specializes in seeking reductions of New York City real estate taxes. The total amount of the payments was unclear, but another person has said they were substantial and were made over several years.

He didn’t disclose any of this income. In fact, Mr. Silver makes  a lot of money from side-gigs that he doesn’t like to talk about:

In 2013, Mr. Silver earned at least $650,000 in legal income, including work for the personal injury law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg, according to his most recent financial disclosure filing. But what he does to earn that income has long been a mystery in Albany, and Mr. Silver has refused to provide details about his work.

Must be nice.

If this was happening in an African nation, newspapers would write about how there are not checks on “pervasive corruption,” “authorities turning a blind eye” or something along those lines. It seems that even in the US not everyone’s keep on stopping corruption.

The investigation that led to the expected charges against Mr. Silver… began after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in March abruptly shut down an anticorruption commission he had created in 2013.

Well there you have it.