As the unfortunate ones among us still stand in slowly snaking lines, many have already moved on, celebrating the long weekend. Me, I reflected on what happened in the last few months leading up to this day. And obviously the perfect way to tell a story about politics is with Mean Girls references, so here we go.

Excitement started months ago, when SWAPO introduced their gender quota, and men everywhere were like:

SWAPO 50-50

Then PM Geingob wanted to change the constitution, and Sackey was all like:


And after they passed the amendments in record time, he was like:


In the Meantime, campaigning began.

RDP claimed they were going to win it this time, but people were like:

not gonna happen

When Venaani went to Ombili to be ‘close to the people’, everyone on Twitter was like:

doesn't go here

*he, yes I know. Oops.

Meanwhile, Henk Mudge’s RP was trying hard to impress black voters, like:


But they were all like,

why are you white

NEFF thrived on Controversy, like when they threatened violence:


But SWAPO, despite their dominance, ran into a number of issues themselves.

Mayor Agnes Kafula got in trouble for giving a plot to  Dillish.


Then Job occupied some land, and SWAPO was like:


Shinovene dug up dirt on the SWAPO Golden Kids, but they were not impressed.

golden kids

Outrage broke out when the Secretary General seemed to insult his own supporters at a rally, and he was all:


And then Election Day. People came out in massive numbers, with lines often long and winding. And even though we couldn’t have all we wanted…


…it was still a good Day. Happy election day Namibia!

  • Syluvia Talishi Lazarus

    Haha, well done Max!

  • Carmen Jason-Olivier

    This is brilliant!!! I just died laughing!