The drama surrounding SWAPO’s electoral college continues to unfold. On Friday, all the big newspapers reported that the rumours of discontent were true: while the party stressed the results would stand,  it said there would be an investigation into the ‘de-campaigning’ of members which saw them miss out on safe seats, surprisingly.

It’s quite laughable, isn’t it?  Last time I checked, voting people up (or down) a list is the entire point of an  electoral college. If they don’t like the electoral process,  they should just scrap it outright and have leadership draw the whole thing up.

Bonus: look at how differently the newspapers framed this issue.  The facts were the same: there was discontent with the pot results (hence an investigation), but the result was going to stand.

The difference is striking, from de-facto cheerleading to direct criticism, a reminder to get our news from several sources at all times.


Different conclusions from the same facts. From left to right: New Era, Namibian, and SUN